Indian Political opposition does not mind lying to people and dividing the country into bits if it gets them votes

Be it falsely claiming that the country has shortage of vaccine to create panic or stating that govt. is selling country’s assets even though they are leasing it, political opposition has no shame.

Every politician and the political party wants to reach ‘the top’ and to do that, they have to criticize the present government and prove them incapable of handling the current situation but to spread white lies amongst the public just for the sake of some votes is erroneous, yet it happens.

Let’s take the example of the new ‘Asset Monetisation Plan’ in which the government will be leasing out nearly Rs. 6 lakh crore worth country’s assets to private players for a given time including roads, trains, banks, airports, etc however the owner will still be in the hands of the government.

Despite the clear outline that ownership remains with the Indian Government, the opposition is falsely out there claiming that the country is being sold under this new scheme.

Even though the fact is that countries like the US, Canada, Australia, and most European countries have also been doing the same in order to monetize the non-performing assets of the country.

Moving back to the deadly second wave and its after-effects, the opposition spread the white lies about the unavailability of vaccines across the country even though India continues to vaccinate the highest population in the world every single day.

Such lies would not be ‘fact checked’ by propagandist media because after all if the truth comes out, it would mean well-being for the country which indirectly ends up playing in favor of the current government.

Sensationalizing the laws, blatantly lying to the people in order to create panic and even ruining the country’s reputation worldwide for their own benefit, Indian opposition has lately stooped to the very lows of society.

In India, it doesn’t matter for the opposition if the country is broken into a million pieces granted that they get to form a government, enforce power, and spread their preferred ideology..protesting farmers believe it; which is outrageous but we all know that it ended up benefiting the opposition so why would they not lie?

In India, it doesn’t matter for the opposition if the country is broken into a million pieces granted that they get to form government, enforce power and spread their preferred ideology.

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