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Hinduphobia is a propaganda and web series are a medium to spread it amongst masses by portraying negative characters

The poster of Prakash Jha and Bobby Deol’s web series ‘Aashram’

The fact that you can NEVER think of any web series which showed Hindu religion and its traditions in a good light is a proof of how brainwashing works.

Playing a Godman who has a hidden bunker in his Ashram, where he keeps young women in jail type structures, Bobby Deol seeks to return into acting in just another Hinduphobic web series directed by Prakash Jha.

But let’s keep it straight, this isn’t first such series and certainly not the last because negative portrayal of Hindus is not just a trend, it’s a part of a nexus, which aims at demeaning the religion at all costs and by all means possible.

Right-wing nationalists might label it an anti-Hindu ‘lobby’ but the fact is this is much larger than that, it’s a road to the bigger plan of effacing a thousands year old culture which runs in the fake face of anti-BJP/RSS initiatives.

These are not just mere political gimmicks or minority appeasements, these are long term plans towards de-humanising the nation and to abolish the remaining faith amongst Hindu youth which is already decreasing on a high pace.

A platform to spread this ideology and a government which is weak enough to not protect it’s citizens’ cultural and traditional values is what ‘they’ wanted.

If we are evidently looking for a change and to spot what’s actually changed, all you have to do is look out on your social media: why only Hindus don’t post about their gods/culture/temples? How many celebrities actually celebrate Hindu festivals? How many bollywood songs are regarding Hindu gods (you’ll find allah in every other)? How many online news portals discriminate on the basis of castes to divide Hindus and you’ll find your answer?

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