For a certain section of Society, celebrating India is a ‘taboo’: They think praising their own country is pro-BJP and anti-minorities

Overflowing anti-government sentiment has augmented at such an extent that people with cynical approach surmise lauding their own country is wrong as it is run by a govt they don’t support.

A wave of anti-nationalism sentiment very evident in the priveleged youth of the country has rather become an ideology which although claims to be ‘anti-xenophobia’ but instead gravely dislikes being part of the country and demean its own nation for the sake of validation amongst peers.

This peer pressure is so widespread that with the mix of political inclinations and the face of BJP as a nationalist party, this half of the society has started driving conlusions that if a person supports India, must be a supporter of government and more perceptibly a ‘Bhakt’.

Keeping aside their practice of name-calling every opposite opinionated person, people of these society even disregard media as ‘Godi’ for showing truth when it shows something ‘good’ happening in the country compared to the world.

The sheer ignorance and blind opposition of the people of this ideology is a perfect inverse of the blind supporters of BJP, there is literally no difference except one supporting and one hating.

But the fact that these people have started considering pro-India sentiment to pro-BJP and anti-minority stand is quite hilarious because that indirectly they enact that only the people who want good/feel good for their nation are supporters of BJP but at the same time claim that they want good for the nation by ‘demeaning it’.

The problem is the lack of rational thinking amongst a major population of urban youth which is collectively the fault of education and the culture that failed to effectively motivate them and induce a pro-nationalist sentiment into them during younger ages.

When we compare this to other countries, be it liberals or conservatives of US, England, France, Russia and even China, they put the interests of their own country before any other and refuse to let their country be demeaned out in the world.

Unfortunately, it is not the same in India as it has become an ideological indication for youth that if one wants to be a part of the priveleged upper caste ‘cool’ society and stay away from cancel culture, they have to demean their country, government, culture and not to forget the majority religion & its practices.

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