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New white marble marvel in Agra rivals Taj Mahal

Visitors often compare the iconic Taj Mahal to the new Radhasoami mausoleum in Soami Bagh, 12 km away.

In Agra, a city famous for the Taj Mahal, a new architectural gem has begun to draw visitors. This splendid structure, the Soami Bagh mausoleum, dedicated to the founder of the Radha Soami faith, has become a significant attraction for tourists and spiritually inclined visitors.

New white marble
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Situated about 12 kilometers from the Taj Mahal, this flawless new white marble structure took an incredible 104 years to finish.

Its foundation, sustained by 52 wells, and its impressive height of 193 feet emphasize the dedication and skill of its craftsmen.

Foundation of Soami Bagh

Visitors are often amazed by the mausoleum’s grandness and detailed craftsmanship. The 31.4-foot gold-plated apex, taller than that of the Taj Mahal, was positioned with a crane brought in from Delhi.

Modern machinery helps today’s craftsmen, but the dedication and detailed work remains, with many artisans spending their entire lives on the project, just like their ancestors.

Situated in Agra’s Dayalbagh area, the mausoleum is part of the Soami Bagh colony, home to followers of the Radhasoami faith. It is devoted to Param Purush Pooran Dhani Swamiji Maharaj.

New white marble
Source: The Economic Times

Every day, buses of tourists arrive to adore the beautiful craftsmanship, expressing awe at the structure that some believe rivals the Taj Mahal. Entry is free, though photography is not allowed.

The mausoleum’s architecture is exceptional, blending various styles harmoniously. This mix creates a unique and beautiful building that stands apart from both traditional and modern designs.

Materials for the mausoleum come from different places: variegated mosaic stone from Pakistan’s Nowshera and semi-precious stones from riverbeds in central and southern India.

Despite comparisons to the Taj Mahal, those involved in the Soami Bagh project insist they are not trying to compete.

Pramod Kumar, a follower of the faith, says the construction was driven by religious devotion and dedication, not rivalry.

The project faced many difficulties, including sourcing high-quality marble and labor shortages as many skilled masons moved to the Gulf for better opportunities. Quarries in Mount Abu and Udaipur were rented to obtain the marble.

Despite these challenges, the mausoleum now stands as a symbol of perseverance and spiritual dedication. Soami Bagh offers a different experience from the Taj Mahal, attracting visitors seeking a deeper spiritual connection. While the Taj Mahal remains the preferred destination for its historical and romantic allure, the Soami Bagh mausoleum provides a peaceful and spiritually enriching alternative.

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