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Kallakurichi hooch tragedy claims 34 lives, Illicit liquor consumption sparks crisis

According to sources, the official death toll may be underestimated because several people are said to have passed away before receiving medical attention

The town of Kallakurichi has been hit by a terrible hooch tragedy, known as the Kallakurichi Hooch Tragedy, that has left over 100 people hospitalized and 34 dead. The event happened on Tuesday night in the Karunapuram area when the victims drank bogus alcohol. The Kallakurichi Hooch Tragedy has shocked the community and raised serious concerns about the proliferation of illicit liquor in the region.

Kallakurichi Hooch Tragedy
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The number of deaths has increased to 34, with the majority of victims passing away on Wednesday night from the effects of the illegal alcohol. Currently, almost a hundred people are being treated at different hospitals. Five of them are in a critical state. According to sources, the official death toll may be underestimated because several people are said to have passed away before receiving medical attention.

Medical Response to the Kallakurichi Hooch Tragedy

The victims are being treated in Puducherry’s Jawaharlal Institute of Postgraduate Medical Education and Research (JIPMER), Salem, Villupuram, and the Kallakurichi Government Medical College and Hospital. While visiting the hospitalized patients, Kallakurichi District Collector M S Prasanth kept an eye on the medical response. Chief Minister M. K. Stalin conveyed his grief and shock while highlighting the necessity of holding those culpable. He asked people to come forward with any information about illegal alcohol enterprises.

Governor of Tamil Nadu R N Ravi emphasized the recurrent nature of these occurrences and cited structural shortcomings in reducing the manufacture and sale of illicit alcohol.

There haven’t been any documented arrests concerning the Kallakurichi hooch catastrophe as of yet. Authorities are looking into the situation thoroughly, and we’re waiting for more information about any suspects or those who could be in charge.

Hooch tragedies are typically primarily caused by the illegal production and selling of alcohol that eludes government regulations. Toxic compounds like methanol are frequently used by criminal networks involved in the production and sale of these illegal liquors to improve their strength, which when consumed can have serious health implications.

Here are a few recent tragedies in India due to illegal liquor:

Bihar (2022): It is said that over 30 individuals perished in the Bihar state of eastern India as a result of consuming illicitly sold, polluted alcohol.

Gujarat (2022): In Gujarat state, consuming tampered liquor resulted in the deaths of at least 28 persons. Keep in mind that alcohol is prohibited in the state of Gujarat.

Punjab (2020): In the northern Indian state of Punjab, almost 120 people died after drinking poisoned wine.

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