Dharavi land transferred to Maharashtra govt departments instead of Adani: Report

The controversy surrounding the ₹23,000 crore slum redevelopment project escalated with allegations of favoritism towards the Adani Group

The comprehensive redevelopment plan for the largest slum in the world does not involve transferring land to the specially created Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) or the Adani conglomerate. Instead, the Dharavi land transferred will be to the Dharavi Redevelopment Project/Slum Rehabilitation Authority (DRP/SRA), a division of the Maharashtra government’s housing department.

The tender details specify that DRPPL will compensate for the land through development rights and will construct residential and commercial facilities, which will then be handed over to the Maharashtra government’s DRP for distribution according to government policies.

Dharavi land transferred
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This approach ensures that the land remains under governmental oversight during the redevelopment process. The state support agreement included in the tender explicitly obligates the Maharashtra government to provide land to its DRP/SRA department.

The controversy surrounding the ₹23,000 crore slum redevelopment project escalated with allegations of favoritism towards the Adani Group. A report by The Hindustan Times on June 15th raised concerns expressed by Congress MP Varsha Gaikward regarding multiple land transfers to Adani for this project.

Gaikward expressed doubts about the government’s intentions behind allocating various lands in Mumbai for Adani’s benefit. However, DRPPL insiders clarified that they acquired railway land allocated to DRP at a rate 170% higher than the market value.

In response to concerns about land allocation to Adani and the preference of Dharavi residents for on-site rehabilitation, insiders assured that the tender conditions and government resolutions from 2018 and 2022 guarantee no displacement of Dharavi residents.

Resident rehabilitation criteria

The eligibility criteria for rehabilitation within Dharavi are as follows: residents with tenements before January 1, 2000, and those with tenements from January 1, 2000, to January 1, 2011, will be accommodated under PMAY outside Dharavi at a nominal cost or through rental housing. Tenements acquired after January 1, 2011, will fall under a new affordable rental housing policy with a hire-purchase option. This framework meets local rehabilitation demands without necessitating external relocation.

The project is committed to strict ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) norms, ensuring no deforestation and including extensive tree planting initiatives.

The Adani Group’s commitment to planting over one trillion trees nationwide demonstrates their dedication to the environment. Claims about bypassing due process in allocating Kurla Mother Dairy land to Adani were refuted by sources who confirmed that the allocation was made to DRP, not Adani directly, following all required procedures under relevant Maharashtra rules.

Suggestions for government-led surveys instead of Adani were addressed by DRPPL sources, stating that DRP/SRA is conducting surveys with the assistance of third-party experts, with DRPPL’s role being merely facilitative to ensure impartial and standard-compliant survey processes.

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