Varavara Rao: A Naxalite disguised as ‘poet’ who conspired terror attacks, killing of jawans and what not


All variations of the articles across media platforms are the same and now very stale theme song. He is old, he is a poet, he is headmaster’s son, he is pregnant, whatever. And Big Bad Modi has put him in jail (something we’ve heard a lot when anti-nationals were put behind bars).

Let us show you who Varavara Rao really is. Here he is, in an old interview to Tehelka and here are the highlights:

  • He says that India is an invader which has occupied Hyderabad state of the erstwhile Nizam.
  • He says that India is an occupier in Kashmir
  • He says that the states in the North East are separate nationalities and he wants them to break away from India.
  • He supports the Naxals in India.
  • He believes that Kashmir, Hyderabad, North East and Naxals have a “common enemy” in the government that sits in Delhi.

There is no doubt why the NIA stated “under the garb of the current situation on the account of global pandemic of COVID-19 and his old age is trying to take undue benefit of the situation in seeking bail.”

Talking about his ‘Urban Naxalite’ following and the people feeling bad/sorry for him and giving excuses have totally forgotten his past or are trying to ignore it.

So what exactly wrond did Varavara Rao do except supporting Naxalims, murder of people, terrorists attack and wanting to break india into seral parts?

Here is a list of times he got arrested for several causes under different governments just in case everyone wondering only BJP is anti-Varavara.

  • First arrested in 1973 by the Andhra Pradesh government under the then Maintenance of Internal Security Act (MISA) on charges of fuelling violence with his writings.
  • Again be arrested under MISA in 1975, at the peak of Emergency. He would later be released when the Indira Gandhi government was toppled in 1977.
  • Afterward arrested for his complicity in several cases, including in the Secunderabad conspiracy case in 1985.
  • He was then arrested for the Ramnagar Conspiracy case, on charges of planning to kill Andhra Pradesh Police constable Sambaiah and inspector Yadagiri Reddy. 
  • In 2005, he planned left wing Naxalite terror attack on CRPF jawans in Tumkur in Karnataka which killed 8 cops and was again arrested under the Public Security Act (PSA).

It is tiresome that we even need to keep repeating this. Terrorists have human bodies just like we do. They have a father and a mother, they get old, they can get pregnant, they can catch Coronavirus, anything. None of this is an excuse to forgive them for their anti-national and/or terrorist activities. And there is no excuse for Indian elite to hide the past of Varavara Rao as they make an emotional case for his release before the Indian public.

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