UP woman declared dead, wakes up alive on way to cremation

The woman was declared dead clinically, however, she woke up on her way to cremation, came back home, drank tea, and died the next day.

An 81-year-old woman was declared dead by a team of doctors in Uttar Pradesh’s Firozabad district. The woman came back to life after she was declared dead following an incidence of a brain haemorrhage.

The old lady was admitted to a trauma centre in Firozabad on December 23. However, the doctors observed that her heart and brain stopped functioning the very next day. After a thorough examination, the doctors concluded that the lady was clinically dead and that there was no hope for her retrieval.

Following this, the family of the deceased prepped themselves for conducting her last rites. The family members were on their way to the funeral when the spine-chilling scene of the woman waking up from the dead occurred. The family members and the villagers were relieved on realizing that the head of the family was still alive and brought her back.

The unheard incident occurred in Bilaspur village of Firozabad where on coming back to her home the lady donated a few cows and drank tea from a spoon. But since the woman was already weak and feeble owing to the poor condition of her brain and heart, she could not survive and died the very next day. Later, her son performed her last rites and spoke to the media post that, narrating the whole episode, he blamed the doctors for their negligence.

In the past, there have been similar instances in various parts of the world where people have wakened from the dead. Acknowledged clinicians have reported such cases medically where clinical death is defined as the absence of a pulse, heartbeat, and breathing, while biological death is defined as the absence of brain activity. In situations like the current case where the lady experienced the cessation of both her hearts and brain function, it is common for the doctors to declare the patient dead after a proper examination.

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