No Masks, No Testing, No Vaccine, No 5G: These unreasonable demands of farmers are now getting out of hands!

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At one point the demands of farmers seemed legitimate considering the MSP system as well as the Contract Farming norms which might result in havoc.

But now, the farmer protests have been so much diluted with the politically driven notice by the opposition that whenever demands are accepted by the government, more demands are placed on the table.

There was a time when these farmers only demanded modification in farm laws that were passed, but when the official demands were issued by the farmer’s end in October, it stated that they want the govt to repeal the farm laws and give them in writing that MSP would be provided.

The government agreed to modify the farm laws in whatever way the farmers want and even gave them assurance of MSP in writing.

Now, the farmers changed their demands that they not only want the previous demands but also want the government to release prisoners, take back electricity law, and provide diesel at 50% rates for which the citizens will pay via taxes.

Along with all these outrageous demands, the protestors were seen holding ‘No 5G’, ‘No Mask’, ‘No pandemic’, ‘No Lockdown’ and ‘No Testing’ placards at the Delhi protest which have absolutely no connection with the farm laws.

The way these demands are increasing and cruising away from the real motive, it is clear that there seems to be no actual problem with the farm laws.

While the farmers of other states are showing support to the government, Punjab farmer unions also warned the government to not hold talks and meetings with them.

But the reality is other state farmers are farmers too and the government cannot ignore the entire country just for the sake of one state’s politically driven motive.

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