Russia to provide basic military training in schools

The introduction of such military training was also a part of the Soviet-era school curriculum.

Russia is planning to bring back Soviet-era school curriculum where children will be taught to handle and fire Kalashnikovs in schools. The curriculum will include proper training where other than the rifle training, undertaking first aid response to chemical and nuclear attacks along with navigation skills will also be taught.

The Russian administration is planning to start the training programme by September next year where a minimum of 140 hours per academic year will be mandatory for military training. The ministry of defence stated that the training programme will be aimed to prepare the pupils with military skills as they approach conscription age and to increase the take-up for mobilization and conscription drives.

Speaking to a local daily a parent said, ‘We must prepare our children, especially in school, not for war, but for a peaceful and happy life. Those who studied in Soviet schools well remember having to assemble and disassemble assault rifles at speed.  Luckily in those days, schoolgirls were not allowed manicures. They had shooting practice and put on gas masks.’

Russian education minister Sergey Kravtsov informed the press that the basic military training course would be introduced next year, as of now the module is being drafted and after January 1 it will be initiated on a preliminary level as a test. Moscow has been compelled to undertake this move owing to the fact that many volunteers who came forward to participate in the Russia-Ukraine conflict did not have the necessary experience to participate in such hostilities,

The concept of a basic military training program was retired in 1993, two years after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Adalbi Shkhagoshev, the deputy chairman of the United Russia party said, “If you want peace, prepare for war. When we were engaged in military training at school, it worked only as a plus.”

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