Haryana man murders his 5 children in 5 years on the advice of a ‘Tantric’ to overcome poverty

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The man allegedly murdered his 5 children on an occultist’s advice to tide over a financial crisis. The man confessed to killing all his children over a period of 5 years. Recently, the man had drowned his two daughters to death. 

The accused was arrested on Thursday night after he confessed to the crime before his village. On July 20, the police had recovered the bodies of the accused’s daughters. 

On July 15, the accused’s daughters Muskan and Nisha went missing from the village. The accused was identified as Jumma. Jumma and his wife had lodged a missing complaint with the police. On July 20, the bodies of the two minors were found in the Hansi-Butana Link (HBL) canal. 

Accused’s cooked up story 

The man told the police that around 5 years ago, he had found his son dead while sleeping. The man added that his daughter died suddenly while she was playing. Around a year ago, the man’s son died after he started vomiting. The man had told The Times of India, “I am seeking justice and want strict action against the culprits. “

Initially, the police had registered a missing case but they grew suspicious about the cause of the two deaths. Following this, the cops registered a murder case and started probing it. 

Accused confessed to murders

While the sympathies flowed in for the man and his wife for losing all their five children, they were shocked after hearing the man’s confession to his crimes. Unnerved by his confession, the shocked villagers took the man to the police but the cops did not take any strict action against him. The man had again acknowledged his crime in front of about 30 villagers and the police were called and the man was handed over to them.

Registering a case against Jumma, DIG of Jind district, Ashwin Shenvi said, “Prima facie, he accepted his crimes but more information in the case is awaited. We are investigating the case and will soon make the case public.”

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