Lockdown in Delhi further extends due to rising in covid-19 cases

Delhi government agrees to expand the curfew for another week as Delhi experiences peak in the cases

On April 17, a week-long lockdown was announced by the Delhi government, starting from 19th April at 10:00 pm and ending on 26th April at 5:00 am. The lockdown aimed to curb the spread of the virus. However, as we get to the end of the lockdown, it appears that the situation is not under control. Even after restrictions have been put in place by the government, the rate of positive cases remains at 30 per cent. The Delhi government led by Arvind Kejriwal has decided to further extend the lockdown till May 3rd at 5:00 am. 

The chief minister said that the situation in Delhi is becoming worse day by day. Due to this, a six days lockdown was started. However, coronavirus cases are still on the rise. With further consultation with experts, it is decided to expand the lockdown till Monday to prevent further penetration of the virus, he said. 

He says that the migrant workers need not worry about leaving for their home as this lockdown will get over in a short period. Brijesh Goyal, chairman of CTI (Chamber of Trade and Industry), said that as per the survey conducted, nearly 70 per cent of the traders in Delhi favour the extended lockdown. Local Circles, a community platform, has requested the chief minister for extension of the curfew. 

He further added that they created a portal where the management of the oxygen supply will be updated every 2 hours by oxygen manufacturers, suppliers and hospitals. Centre and state will work together to ensure that the demand for the oxygen is met, Kejriwal says. 

In this extended curfew, transportations like buses, trains, auto and metro have been exempted. Government offices, Judiciary bodies and PSUs are functional. The health sector, both private and public, are given the free pass. The examination will be conducted in centres and students should provide valid id cards. Examination staff is allowed to commute on showing the id proof. Media houses are operational with the production of ids by the employees. 

Social gatherings are allowed for up to  50 people. Food delivery and e-commerce are allowed which is considered an essential commodity. However, restaurants, cafes, clubs, education institutions,  amusement parks, theatre, cinema halls, spas, barbershops, salons, beauty parlours, swimming pools, weekly markets, malls etc will remain closed. 

Delhi reported  24,103 fresh cases of covid-19 on Saturday. The national capital has become the highest in fatalities with over 357 deaths in a single day. Active cases have reached up to 93,080, and the positivity test rate has risen to 32.2 per cent. 

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