Khalistani Organization SFJ has now announced Rs. 2.5 crore award to the person who waved Khalistan Flag at Red fort, says ‘more awards’ for siege at Parliament on 1st February

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Political hijacking by pro-Khalistani secessionist outfit Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) continued on Wednesday as it announced a reward of $350,000 to the protestors who hoisted a flag at the Red Fort on Republic Day.

In another attempt to provoke the protesting farmers to indulge in anti-national activities, the SFJ also called for a siege on the Parliament on Budget Day, i.e on February 1.


The development comes a day after a tractor parade called by farmer unions to protest the controversial agriculture laws went out of control, with several protesters defying a preset route for the march and clashing with police at several places. A video showed several hundreds of protesters breaching the Red Fort—a symbol of India’s sovereignty—on Republic Day, and hoisting the Khalistan Flag, Nishan Sahib and farmer union flag, which has drawn criticism from several quarters.

Khalistan Flag at Red Fort, New Delhi being waived by Khalistani Sikh Farmers.

The radical pro-Khalistan outfit has made multiple attempts to infiltrate the ongoing protests in the national capital and has made shocking offers in the name of rewards to propagate their Khalistani agenda. Ahead of Republic Day, the SFJ had announced a cash reward of USD 2,50,000 for hoisting the Khalistan flag on January 26  at the India Gate on Republic Day.

Prior to that, the radical outfit had urged them to target electricity companies allegedly owned by ‘Ambanis’ in order to ‘plunge Delhi into darkness’ on a national day. Moreover, the SFJ urged farmers to display portraits of Bhindranwale and Beant Singh – Indira Gandhi’s assassin – while taking out the ‘Kesari tractor rally’ on Republic Day.

Several videos doing the rounds since and played by television channels also showed protesters attacking police vehicles and policemen.


Punjabi actor Deep Sidhu, one of the people blamed for instigating the mob, was recently summoned by National Investigation Agency as witness in its investigation into a case against the SFJ.  

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