Kerala Govt to introduce passenger ship service to Gulf as an alternative to expensive airfares

According to the port minister of Kerala, ordinary expatriates are subjected to expensive airfares during festive seasons.

The Kerala government has announced its plan to establish a passenger ship service connecting the southern coast of the state with the Gulf nations, catering specifically to Malayali expatriates residing in the Middle East.

The primary objective behind this initiative is to address the issue of exorbitant airline fees that Malayali expatriates face when traveling back to their home state. With this, the Kerala government aims to provide affordable travel options for the Malayali diaspora in the Middle East.

During a high-level meeting in Kerala, discussions were held to devise a comprehensive plan for the proposed passenger ship service between Kerala and the Gulf. The meeting was organized in collaboration with the Malabar Development Council and the Kerala Maritime Board.

Ahammad Devarkovil, the Kerala Port Minister, confirmed the government’s intention to launch the ship service in cooperation with the Department of Non Resident Keralites’ Affairs (NORKA), the official body representing the Kerala diaspora.

In a Facebook post, Minister Devarkovil revealed that the LDF government has allocated a budget of Rs 15 crore this year to address the travel challenges faced by expatriates.

The plan is to utilize this fund to initiate the ship service as well, thus offering a feasible solution to the travel concerns of Malayali expatriates in the Gulf.

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