Kerala doctor suspended after mistakenly operating on child’s tongue instead of finger”

According to an official statement, Kerala Health Minister Veena George directed a comprehensive investigation and additional measures to be implemented.

A severe medical error has surfaced in Kerala doctor, India. A doctor from Kozhikode Medical College performed surgery on a young girl’s tongue rather than her finger. This tragedy has aroused controversy and prompted questions about patient safety protocols.

The young child was sent to the hospital for treatment to remove an additional finger from her hand, known as polydactyly. However, following the procedure, the family was surprised to learn that the doctor had operated on her tongue instead.

Medical Mishap: Kerala Doctor Faces Suspension After Operating on Wrong Body Part

The girl’s family angrily denied having any previous worries about their daughter’s tongue and regarded the doctor’s actions as negligent. parents added that when parents questioned the doctor about the mistake, he claimed to have discovered a cyst in the child’s mouth that required tongue surgery. The family vehemently denied this explanation.

Kerala doctor
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A family member suspected that the hospital may have scheduled surgeries for two different children on the same day, causing confusion. However, the actual cause of the problem is still being investigated.

Following the incident, Veena George, Kerala’s Health Minister, acted quickly. Dr. Bijon Johnson, who conducted the surgery, was suspended following an investigation by the Director of Medical Education. The Health Minister has also emphasized the importance of rigorously adhering to set guidelines for operations and other medical procedures in all hospitals.

The girl’s family has filed a police report against the doctor, citing sections 336 and 337 of the Indian Penal Code. These parts address risking the life or safety of others, as well as causing harm by activities that may jeopardize life or safety.

Kerala doctor
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The event sparked significant indignation in Kerala. Opposition Leader VD Satheesan voiced significant concern about the state’s falling medical service quality and the possible harm this occurrence could do to Kerala’s reputation for providing high-quality healthcare.

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