Karnataka faces Dengue upsurge with over 7,000 cases reported this year

Bengaluru tops the district-wise list of dengue cases with 1,908 cases.

Monsoon has finally arrived in the country and so is the Dengue cases. The southern state of Karnataka is heavily affected by the viral infection with the number of cases crossing the 7,000 mark. The state capital Bengaluru has recorded the most cases in the state. As per the data, Dengue has claimed 6 lives in the state this year.

Bengaluru tops the district-wise list of dengue cases with 1,908 cases followed by Chikkamagaluru with 521 cases, Mysuru with 496 and Haveri with 481 cases.

Chief Minister Siddaramaiah spoke on the issue through a Facebook post on Monday. He has requested the people to be cautious and prioritize cleanliness. He has also assured the people that he has instructed officials to take all necessary precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the vector-borne disease.

Image Source: CDC

“Spoke to concerned department officials about the rapid spread of Dengue, instructed them to take all necessary precautionary measures. In Bengaluru city limits, effective measures are being followed for mosquito control including spraying of medicines, identifying places where water is stored and cleaning them,” CM said.

“I request the public to give priority to cleanliness around the house and be careful about mosquito bites. Don’t be afraid of dengue, be aware,” he added.

Criticism of Public Health Management

The Karnataka BJP was seen accusing the ruling congress party of their ignorance and failure in handling the situation. BJP Karnataka posted on X, “Exercise is important, but in a public health crisis, leadership and effective epidemic management are crucial, this is something your party doesn’t understand, as you are all busy in looting funds meant for Valmiki and Dalit communities to finance your upcoming Maharashtra elections.”

“Hospitals in Karnataka today can’t even provide drinking water to patients. As a minister, your inefficiency is glaring. It would be more appropriate for you to resign and focus on your “Mind Sharpening exercises” rather than jeopardizing the lives of our people. “

Replying to this BJP post, Karnataka Health Minister Dinesh Gundu Rao said, “Please give it a read and take a moment to understand the crux of the situation. While we are trying to outsmart the supersmart mosquitos, @BJP4Karnataka continues to make dumb remarks.”

Efforts to Combat Dengue

“I suggest reviewing my timeline from the past week to see the efforts made to contain dengue, including price regulation for testing at private hospitals. Regarding your touted Covid management model, let’s not forget the numerous scams and neglect, like the Chamrajanagar oxygen tragedy. I urge you to visit the victims’ families and acknowledge the truth, before preaching to us on how to handle the situation,” he further added.

R Ashoka, Leader of Opposition (LoP) in the Karnataka Assembly, met with the dengue patients in the Jayanagar government hospital. He has suggested the government deploy a task force at the Taluk level. He also urged the government to organise free testing for the poor. He believes that ASHA workers should be appointed for door-to-door checkups.

He further added that there should be a separate ward for Dengue in every state-run hospital and garbage must be cleared from the road.

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