Jungle Raj reloading as Duronto passengers looted at gunpoint in Bihar

The loot was carried out as soon as the train left Patna station.

In a shocking incident, passengers aboard the Delhi-Kolkata Duronto Express train were looted at gunpoint in Bihar as soon as the train left Patna station in the early hours of Sunday.

A passenger told Firstpost that soon after the train left Patna station, there was a sudden movement and chaos as people started running around, soon the train stopped and after that, as many as 20 people boarded the train and started looting several passengers.

The passengers alleged that the Government Railway Police (GRP) personnel had gotten down from the train at Patna and after which someone pulled the emergency chain. Before deboarding the train GRP personnel had asked the passengers to hide their cell phones and other valuables.

The incident occurred on train 12274 and when asked about the robbery which ideally must have only technical stops as and when required, Eklavya Chakraborty, the Chief Public Relations Officer of Eastern Railways informed that they had no news about the incident. He added, “Had there been such a big robbery, we would have got the news by now and said that they are still trying to find out more about it.

After the train reached Howrah several passengers complained about the robbery, however since the incident occurred outside the jurisdiction, the complaint was forwarded to Danapur.

By the looks of it, the dark days of Jungle Raj have been re-emerging in Bihar as the personnel working in the pantry car told that they were threatened with guns in another robbery attempt about a month back.

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