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India is performing best in the world to curb Carbon emissions and stop Climate Change: G20 Report


India is the only country among G-20 nations that is on track to meet its climate change mitigation commitments of 2 degrees Celcius under the 2015 Paris Agreement, said a report released by a coalition of 14 global thinktanks including TERI.

The development was flagged by Climate Transparency which examined the efforts of countries to combat climate change among the G20 nations.

According to the Climate Transparency report (CT) 2020 released on Wednesday, India’s actions on climate targets set under 2015 Paris Agreement makes it compatible to achieve curbs on global warming by 2 degrees Celsius.

India also has the lowest Carbon Emissions per capita amongst all the G20 countries which further helps the country take a lead although it is still a long way from meeting the 1.5 degrees celsius.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday said at the G20 summit that India is not only meeting Paris Agreement targets, but also exceeding them.

“India has taken concrete action in many areas. We have made LED lights popular. This saves 38 million tons of Carbon Dioxide emissions per year. Smoke free kitchens have been provided to over 80 million households through our Ujjwala Scheme. This is among the largest clean energy drives globally,” he said.

“We are focused on saving citizens, economy from pandemic; equally important to focus on fighting climate change,” said Modi on second day of the two-day event being hosted by Saudi Arabia.

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India has adopted low carbon and climate resilient development practices, Modi added.

“We aim to restore 26 million hectares of degraded land by 2030; we are encouraging a circular economy,” said Modi.

It is no doubt India has been moving towards a greener and cleaner future but if similar trends are followed by other countries, only then will we be able to make a difference and fight the Climate Change.

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