Hindu nationalists who vote BJP support religious diversity most: Pew survey findings

Most Indians agree they have freedom to practise one’s religion, secularism not in danger.

Indian media & so-called influencers in collaboration with racist and xenophobic western media outlets have time and again labelled India as ” Fascist “, “Intolerant “, “Religiously conservative “, “Communal “, the list of such derogatory labels being assigned to our country are endless. This defame India campaign has become a business in itself particularly since 2014, millions of dollars are being earned by the so-called influencers whose job as a brown sepoy is to only defame Hindus and India blindly at the whims of western xenophobic racist media outlets.

But a recent survey conducted by Pew Research center exposes these brown sepoy’s lies black and white, it was found that Hindu Nationalist BJP voter’s who are proud about their religion, roots, language and identity are more likely to express positive opinions about India’s religious diversity than other Hindu voters who do not vote for BJP.

Hindus who see Hindu and Indian identity as closely tied express positive views about diversity
Source: Pew Research

Also, time and again these influencers have spread the propaganda that India’s religious diversity and practise of one’s religion freely is being crushed under the Modi Government, but the survey shows that on an average 90% of all Indians cutting across religious lines find that there is freedom to practise one’s own faith without any restrictions or fear.

Indians feel they have religious freedom, see respecting all religions as a core value
Source: Pew Research

Relatively few numbers of people ( though significant )have faced caste-based discrimination indicating casteism may end in the near future. Also, most muslims-56% of them support the abolition of triple talaq. These so-called influencers had called this move a step towards fascist nation and end of secularism.

India, with its majority Hindu population has always been a country of refuge to people who have faced discriminations be it the Parsis or the Jews, since time immemorial Indian Hindu society was never intolerant. India is the only country in this planet where Jews were not persecuted, it was only a matter of time that this bunch of propaganda and lies was to be exposed black and white.

Click here to view all the results of this survey by Pew Reserach.

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