Entire village in Tamil Nadu declared as the property of Waqf Board: According to law, they can claim ownership of any land

It came to light when a resident wasn't allowed to sell his own land and made to take NOC from state Waqf Board.

Around seven villages dominated by the Hindu population and even temples were claimed by Waqf Board as its own in Tamil Nadu’s Tiruchirappalli, as per a report by Times Now. Countering Waqf Board’s claims, the villagers showed papers proving that the land has belonged to them for generations.

Notably, posters have been put up by the Waqf Board across the villages claiming that the land belongs to them. The Waqf also laid claim to a 1500-year-old temple.

The villagers were in for a shock when a local attempted to sell his agricultural land. The man, Rajagopal, was informed by the local authorities that his 1.2-acre plot of property belonged to the Tamil Nadu Waqf Board and that in order to sell it, he needed to get a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the board, according to a report by India Today.

The sub-office registrar also reportedly gave him a 20-page document claiming ownership of the land from the Tamil Nadu Waqf Board. Puzzled by this information concerning his own land, Rajagopal looked through his property paperwork but found no such claims.

Amid uncertainty over land ownership in 18 villages in Tamil Nadu’s Trichy district, the Waqf Board, which claims to own 389 acres of land, said the allotment was made after a government approved survey in 1954.

Villagers lined up outside the district administration’s office who didn’t find any truth to the claim. There was no data about Muslims living in the area and documents showed that a resettlement happened in 1927-1928 and no information about Muslims owning property in the area could be found.

However, a 20-page letter has been sent to 12 registration offices in Trichy by the Waqf Board, claiming lands in several districts.

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