Chinese troops try to do Galwan 2.0; given a befitting reply by Indian troops

Chinese troops tried to enter Indian territory armed with spiked clubs, monkey fists, and taser guns similar to the Galwan Valley clash, averted and outnumbered by Indian troops.

Over 200 Chinese troops armed with medieval weapons like spiked clubs, monkey fists, and taser guns tried to enter Indian territory ( Indian perception of Line of Actual Control ) on the morning of 9th of December in the Yangtse area of Tawan Sector, Arunachal Pradesh leading to a clash similar to one that happened in Galwan Valley.

This clash led to injuries on both sides, 15 Indian soldiers were injured with six of them airlifted to Guhwati for treatment, according to sources the injuries on the Chinese side were double that of the Indians. The clash started by hurling stones at each other which then resulted in hand to hand combat fight, the Chinese then restored to medieval tactics of using spiked clubs and monkey fists.

The 300-odd PLA troops were initially challenged by 50 Indian troops but soon within half an hour a backup team arrived, the Indian troops had everything and more than above what the Chinese had, to retaliate. The Indian troops managed to overwhelm the Chinese within 30 minutes.

Confirming that a clash has indeed taken place, the Indian Army in a statement Monday said: “On 09 December 2022, PLA troops contacted the LAC in Tawang Sector which was contested by own troops in a firm and resolute manner. This face-off led to minor injuries to a few personnel from both sides”.

It added that both sides immediately disengaged from the area. “As a follow up of the incident, own Commander in the area held a Flag Meeting with his counterpart to discuss the issue in accordance with structured mechanisms to restore peace and tranquility,” the statement read.

In certain areas along the LAC in that sector, the perception of LAC is different for both sides and both sides patrol the area up to their claim line as has been the practice since 2006. A similar clash had taken place in the same region in October 2021. However, according to sources, the Chinese were trying to gain ” morale superiority ” since there was a change of a particular unit of the Army deployed along front areas on the Indian side at the time.

The opposition lambasted the Government for ” weak political leadership ” and ” humiliation against China. ” Hyderabad MP Owaisi tweeted, “ The reports coming from Arunachal Pradesh are worrying and alarming. A major clash took place between Indian and Chinese soldiers and the government kept the country in the dark for days. Why was the Parliament not informed, when it is in session? ” He will move an adjournment motion regarding the same clash in parliament tomorrow.

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