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BJP releases an alleged congress toolkit for corona aimed at defaming India and the Prime Minister

The toolkit has step-by-step instructions for journalists and influencers to defame the government, Congress party has claimed it to be fake and has threatened legal proceedings.

The BJP released a toolkit which it alleges to be of Congress research department aimed at putting pressure on the government through various means and defame it for its pandemic mismanagement. This may sound like a normal democratic function of an opposition party but the instructions in the toolkit are not only unethical but inhumane too which defames the country along with BJP.

However, Congress has denied the allegations claiming the toolkit to be a part of propaganda to create a fake narrative against it. Rajeev Gowda, a member of the Congress party tweeted that an FIR for forgery will be filed against the same.

The toolkit which has been widely shared in social media, shamelessly asks to politicize the Kumbh Mela gatherings in a negative way blaming it solely for India’s second wave. It has instructions to call it a ” super spreader ” event and ask’s congress sympathetic social media influencers to collaborate with friendly international journalists to propagate the narrative outside the shores of India too.

It has specific instructions to the influencers not to fall into the trap of equating Kumbh and Eid, which it believes BJP will do as a counterargument. It asks them not to engage with such posts. It instead asks them to paint Eid as ” happy social gatherings of family and communities ” and the Kumbh as a ” show of political power in the name of religion. “

In an inhumane way, it asks members to collaborate with local politicians to block beds in friendly hospitals so that when a request for help is made to its handle the same can be provided as a PR exercise. It asks members to do marketing for such noble tasks with the help of friendly journalists who should amplify it in chain. The toolkit has clear instructions not to release such beds without prior approval, also prominent personalities will get a priority for such beds over common people. The help will only be provided if Indian Youth Congress is tagged.

It asks the local cadre to help and facilitate journalists in getting such images and ask’s them to magnify the same using foreign media. “Liaise with foreign journalists and Indian Oped writers in foreign publications and brief them on talking points … The envelope can be pushed to start using demeaning phrases for Modi in intellectual discourse,” the toolkit reads.

It reads that only terms like ” Indian strain ” & ” Modi strain ” must be used when addressing such images. “Use resources created on social media to question PM Modi’s incompetence from handles which look like Modi or BJP supporters” it adds.

The toolkit, purportedly asks party workers to use “dramatic pictures of the funerals and dead bodies” while saying that “PM Modi’s approval ratings have been high and have not dipped despite the crisis and mismanagement” implying it the perfect opportunity to bring the ratings down. This if true is plain and simple vulture politics over the dead.

It asks the Congress social media department to embarrass and question celebrities who donate to the PM Care fund which it calls an ” opaque private trust .” A narrative of the Government favoring Gujarat needs to be propagated according to the toolkit. It has instructions not to show the distress of the Gujarati people to other states and instead asks them to paint a picture of preferential treatment.

The BJP either could have faked this toolkit or the Congress may have indeed used these inhumane tactics to gain political brownie points, as both the political parties in the past have stooped to points even lower than this.

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