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5 attacks on Ram Mandir’s collection drive across country within a few days, because we are a ‘Democracy’

From Stone Pelting to burning vehicles and more, in cities of MP, Gujarat and Maharashtra riot like situations erupted after people of a minority community attacked the fundraiser, injuring hundreds.

We might vouch for communal harmony between religions and people of India but the sad part is there’s always a section of the society waiting to spread violence and riots even when there’s a Holy act is being done.

Attacks on RSS/VHP workers is common in West Bengal and Kerala but now during their Collection Drive to raise Funds for Ram Mandir’s construction in Ayodhya, there have been some serious clashes after Muslim community attacked the peaceful rally campaign.

Stone pelting is how these attacks are starting which further lead to use of other weapons, vehicles are looted are being burned which is nothing but domestic terrorism because one community can’t see the other happy.

On December 29, a Hindu rally was attacked in Indore that was collecting money for the construction of the Ram Mandir.

On December 26, a Muslim mob attacked at the Ramnidhi Sangrahan rally in Ujjain, in which ten people were injured and several vehicles were damaged.

On January 16, Mumbai Police removed the posters of Ram Mandir Nidhi Sankalan posters alleging that they have orders from higher officials as the posters were ‘controversial in nature’ and hurt the sentiments of the locals. When VHP workers started recording the videos, the police arrested them.

On January 17, violence broke out after a rally for Ram Mandir donation was attacked by a ‘particular community’ in Kidana village in Gandhidham, Kutch (east) district.

A similar incident took place in Sadau Village of Mundra town of Kutch district (west), where a rally for raising funds for Ram Mandir was attacked. 

Similar attacks have taken in other states as well on a minor scale but the people need to acknowledge how hatred is being use to disrupt the holy process of Hindus who refused to use any Government money in the construction of Ram Mandir and only the donation by devotees.