3 mosques demolished within 20 days, Telangana govt on an islamophobic spree as Waqf Board warns CM Rao

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Muslim clerics in Telangana have outraged over the demolition of the boundary wall of a deserted mosque in Hyderabad and forced the officials to stop the construction work, reports Siasat.

According to the reports, the Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HDMA) had demolished the outer wall of an old deserted Mosque – Qutub Shahi Masjid near High Tech city to construct the new road.

However, as soon as the HDMA demolished the old mosque’s boundary, Telangana Waqf Board president Mohammad Saleem reached the spot with other board members and asked the officials to stop the construction work immediately.

The officials at HMDA were reportedly trying to use the area for the construction of a 100 feet road. The Waqf board president, who was present with other Muslim clerics also instructed the maintenance and repair workers to rebuild the Mosque’s demolished wall. He further demanded the HMDA officials to not touch the deserted Mosque and lay the road somewhere else.

Saleem criticised HMDA for not asking the board’s permission and approval for such an act. He further made it clear that the Waqf Board ‘properties’ can not be used for any other purpose. “The mosque will be repaired and soon be used by people to pray”, Saleem added.

Earlier too on 10th July, Muslim clerics had outraged against Telangana government over the demolition of two Mosques in the old Secretariat complex. Muslim leaders led by AIMIM president Asaduddin Owaisi threatened to launch a massive protest over the demolition of two mosques in the old Secretariat complex. The Mosque and a temple on the old secretariat premises were demolished to make way for the proposed new secretariat in Telangana.

Demanding that the Mosques be re-constructed at the same place immediately, Owaisi and other Muslim leaders had threatened the government that if the government failed to take steps for reconstruction of the demolished Mosques at the same place without any delay, Muslims would be forced to launch a strong protest.

The Muslim leaders had issued a joint statement which said that since according to the Islamic belief a Mosque remains ‘the property of Almighty Allah’ and its status can never be altered, this move has enraged the Muslims. It furthered that the demolition of two Mosques had shocked the confidence of the Muslim community in Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao, who has been projecting himself as a secular.

Following the protest, Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao had announced that the government will construct these in the new Secretariat premises at government expense, even if it means spending crores of rupees.

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