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26/11 Mumbai Terror Attack: A black day for India

Twelve years ago on this day, India witnessed one of the darkest days in the history as one of the most brutal terror attack ever carried out by terrorists.

12 coordinated shooting and bombing attacks lasting four days across Mumbai which were portrayed as an attack by Hindus, RSS by Congress party as well as the terrorists and the narrative was well spread until Kasab was caught and it was revealed that the attack was orchestrated by Pakistan’s Lashkar-e-Taiba.

Including Ajmal Kasab, all the terrorists wore sacred Hindu thread ‘Kalawa’ on their wrists as a symbol that they were Hindus and they also had fake identity cards with Hindu names on them.

This exact photo was shared throughout the world for days until it was proved that the terrorists were not Hindus neither belonged to RSS/India.

The conspiracy didn’t just stop till the terrorists’ kalawa and ID cards, Congress leader Digvijay singh published the book written by Aziz Burney ‘RSS ki Sazish 26/11?’: a book that backed huge support from the political party and bollywood as Mahesh Bhatt can be seen holding the book at a launch party held at India Islamic Cultural Centre to mock Hindus.

While the Police Commissioner of Mumbai Param Bir Singh refused to be on ground when the attacks took pace, it was the Constable Tukaram Omble who bravely sacrificed his life to save innocent lives and to catch Ajmal Kasab alive. If Tukaram had not caught Kasab, there would have been no proof that he was a Pakistani terrorist.

The IAF wanted to avenge the terror attacks but unlike the recent Balakot Air Strike, the Congress government did not allow the IAF to take any action.

Unknown Facts about the Attacks:

  1. Rahul Gandhi told the US Ambassador that Hindu groups were behind the attack and not Islamic LeT.

2. Ministry of Home Affairs and the top authorities responsible for security of India were in Pakistan during the attacks.

3. The Indian Navy had stopped surveillance of the Pakistan vessel when the terrorists arrived via boat as per P Chidambram’s report in Parliament. It is still unknown who ordered.

4. David Headley, the key conspirator of 26/11 attacks had met Mahesh Bhatt’s son Rahul Bhatt and Shiv Sena leaders on separate occasions but no investigation took place.

Journalists like Barkha Dutt on NDTV were not only giving directions to the terrorists and helping them kill more people, but they were also providing them info about the security forces as the terrorists watched from inside.