25-year-old Hyderabad woman complains of being raped 5,000 times by 139 people in the past 10 years


In a shocking allegation, a 25-year-old woman has lodged a complaint here alleging that she was sexually assaulted by as many as 139 people over the past several years following which a case has been registered, police said on Friday.

According to the complaint, the sexual assaults took place after she got divorced in 2010 and went back to her parents. She later completed her studies. In the time from then to now, she was sexually assaulted by students, politicians, journalists and many others who threatened her with dire consequences if she complained.

It was after a gap of 10 years, she gathered the courage to file a complaint. She told the police that she did not report the crime earlier as she was not confident about the outcome of reporting the incidents as many influential leaders of a Left student union, doctors, jewelers, media and film industry operatives, acquaintances of relatives, and some even from places like Bengaluru and the USA were among the accused. Besides, she was being constantly threatened by the accused.

Police said they had registered a case under various sections of the Indian Penal Code for sexual assault, outraging the modesty of a woman and also under the SC/ST Act and started investigation.

The complainant claimed that three months after her marriage in June 2009, her sexual harassment and physical assault at the hands of her in-laws began which went on for nine months. She told police that she got divorced in December 2010.

Thereafter, she was raped and gang-raped around 5,000 times by several men, and was videographed in objectionable positions to be used as pornographic content, the woman said. She has described several such deplorable acts in the FIR, including abuse.

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