Prominent Gujarat cardiologist, master of 16,000 heart surgeries, dies of heart attack

Gaurav Gandhi, a prominent cardiologist from Gujarat's Jamnagar, died of a heart attack early Tuesday morning. Dr Gandhi was 41 years old and mastered over 16,000 heart surgeries throughout his career.

Dr Gaurav Gandhi, a prominent cardiologist based in Jamnagar, Gujarat, succumbed to a sudden heart attack during the early hours of Tuesday morning. The news of his demise has left the medical fraternity and the local community in a state of disbelief and mourning.

Multiple media reports confirm that Dr Gandhi, aged 41, had successfully performed over 16,000 surgeries throughout his medical career. Recognised for his expertise, he was highly regarded in the field of cardiology.


According to sources, Dr Gandhi maintained his routine on Monday, meeting patients and fulfilling his professional commitments. Returning to his residence on Palace Road that evening, he appeared normal, with no signs of distress or notable changes in behaviour. After having dinner, he retired for the night without any complaints.

Tragedy struck at 6 am the following day when Dr Gandhi’s family members discovered him unconscious. They immediately rushed him to the hospital, where he was declared dead on arrival.

His colleague, Dr Saugata Chatterjee, assistant medical superintendent of Guru Gobind Singh (GG) General Hospital in Jamnagar, expressed shock at the news and told, “Dr Gandhi was a young, physically active individual who led a healthy lifestyle, working tirelessly for approximately 14 hours a day. Dr Gandhi had no history of smoking, alcohol consumption, prior medical complications, or recent illnesses, including COVID-19.”

Dr Nandini Desai, medical superintendent at GG General Hospital, shed light on the events preceding Dr Gandhi’s sudden demise. “Being a cardiologist himself, Dr Gandhi recognized chest discomfort around 2 am on June 6 and promptly sought medical attention at Sharda Hospital. An electrocardiogram (ECG) performed at the time showed normal results, leading him to believe that the discomfort was due to acidity. To alleviate the symptoms, he self-administered an injectable medication and remained in the hospital for half an hour, monitoring any changes before returning home”, she said.


The news of Dr Gandhi’s passing has left those close to him shocked with the loss of a skilled physician who dedicated his life to saving others. Colleagues and friends struggle to comprehend how a doctor who had performed numerous heart surgeries throughout his career could befall such a fate.

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