Australian doctor cures own brain cancer with self-invent treatment: “I’m thrilled”

Drawing from his knowledge in studying skin cancer, he tried a new treatment he had come up with himself.

Professor Richard Scolyer, a leading Australian doctor, whose battle against aggressive brain cancer, culminating in the doctor cures own brain cancer with self-invented treatment, has not only defied the odds but has shown a path towards a brighter future in the fight against this formidable disease.

“Professor Scolyer’s Triumph Over Brain Cancer with Self-Invented Treatment”

Diagnosed with aggressive brain cancer named glioblastoma last year in Poland, a type of cancer known for being very hard to treat. Professor Scolyer didn’t give up. Instead, he took a brave step. Drawing from his knowledge in studying skin cancer, he tried a new treatment he had come up with himself. It was a risky move, but he believed in it. And guess what? It worked! Recent tests showed that the tumour in his brain had disappeared and now he is marking a year of being “cancer-free” after a groundbreaking, self-administered treatment.

Professor Scolyer collaborated with his friend and colleague, Professor Georgina Long, both co-directors of the Melanoma Institute Australia. Their achievements were recognized with the prestigious Australian of the Year award.

Professor Scolyer became the first brain cancer patient to receive this pre-surgical treatment regimen last year. After the treatment, he faced a lot of problems like seizures, liver issues and pneumonia. Still, he didn’t give up. He kept going, then experiencing improved health and is “cancer-free” a year later.

“To be honest, I was more nervous than I have been for any previous scan. I’m just thrilled and delighted, couldn’t be happier. I’m the best I have felt for yonks. It certainly doesn’t mean that my brain cancer is cured, but it’s just nice to know that it hasn’t come back yet, so I’ve still got some more time to enjoy my life with my wife Katie and my three wonderful kids,” Professor Richard Scolyer told the portal.

doctor cures own brain cancer
Source: Live Science

Professor Georgina Long expressed, “We’ve generated a whole heap of data, to then make a foundation for that next step, so that we can help more people. We’re not there yet. What we have to really focus on is showing that this pre-surgery, combination immunotherapy type of approach works in a large number of people.”

Now, Professor Scolyer is grateful for every day he gets to spend with his family. He knows there might be challenges ahead, but he’s hopeful for the future.

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