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Uttar Pradesh received Rs. 1.88 trillion in investments over last 3.5 years under Yogi govt

Yogi Adityanath PTI8 6 2018 000127B
Uttar Pradesh CM Yogi Adityanath [IMAGE – PTI]

Uttar Pradesh has become the heart of world’s & India’s investment that just within the Pandemic, it attracted ₹57,000 crores worth 77 investment intents from companies around 10 countries such as Japan, UK, US, Canada, Germany, South Korea, and Singapore among other.

And in total over the past 3.5 years, the total amount invested goes to over 1.88 lakh crores. Something that has never been seen/done before.

This not only created lakhs of ‘extra’ jobs but helped the state in getting a surplus amount of money that can be further used towards development of state.

Handling the most populous and biggest state in the country is not easy and even then, the man has begun providing free education to lower class (income-wise) and even free coaching for UPSC/JEE/NEET so we cannot claim he doesn’t think about education.

And before you say CM Yogi is just a saffron clad Sadhu, he was also voted the ‘best CM’ in India Today’s poll by people from across the country.

Although crime against women are at a higher scale, the government even constituted separate courts & force to handle such crimes. These steps will show the result in atleast a couple of years (hopefully).

CM Yogi shaped up policies in at least a dozen departments in order to invite investments and brought at least 186 reforms into effect. As a result, 156 companies invested Rs 48,707 crore to start manufacturing which led to generation of over one lakh employment in the state.

According to Alok Tandon, Infrastructure and Industrial Development Commissioner of the state, a total of 21 companies have invested around Rs 10,000 crore and, besides this, more than 30 companies invested about Rs 32,000 crore in electronic manufacturing.

He said that textile sector also bore good results due to policy changes. In this sector, four companies invested Rs 6,320 crore. Due to these investments, Kanpur has emerged as a big textile hub. The proposal to make Gorakhpur a textile hub has also got the green signal.

He said all this became possible due to the war-level efforts by the chief minister Yogi that Uttar Pradesh is seeing the highest growth in ALL SECTORS.

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