Kerala becomes India’s first state to have its own internet service provider ‘K-FON’

CM Pinarayi Vijayan emphasised on need of making internet more accessible and cheaper as he launched the same.

Kerala CM Pinarayi Vijayan launched the first-ever state-owned internet service provider K-FON on Monday. While inaugurating Vijayan said, K-FON is also an alternative to provide relief to people from the exploitation of private players. “Compared to other service providers K-FON services will be cheaper. Irrespective of villages or towns, K-FON services will be provided with high speed and quality.” The Chief Minister said.

The Kerala govt has plans to establish an affordable network infrastructure across the state at the cost of 1,500 crore Rupees.

When it was announced that the internet would be provided to all, people considered it as a dream, but now it has become a reality, said Pinarayi Vijayan.

The objective of the K-FON is to act as an information super-highway through creation of robust core and middle-mile infrastructure.

KFON infographics

The other major objectives of the K-FON as stated on its websites are:

1.  Create a core network infrastructure (information highway) with non-discriminatory access to all service providers so as they can augment their connectivity gap.

2.  Provide a reliable, secure and scalable intranet connecting all government offices, educational institutions, hospitals, etc.

3.  Partner with MSOs, TSPs, ISPs for providing free internet to economically backward households.

To achieve these objectives, K-FON will be setting up state wide core optical fibre network and providing connectivity to 30,000+ government institutions and provide free internet connections to economically backward families and subsidized internet for others by leveraging K-FON infrastructure.

“Optical fibre cables have been laid to provide connections to more than 9,000 households, and 2,105 households have been provided connections. In houses and offices where K-FON connection has been provided, internet service is available,” he said.

“In the post Covid-19 era, a new work culture of work from home and work near home has developed in the state. To effectively harness such a culture among our youngsters, internet service should be available everywhere. K-FON is a tool for that”, the Chief Minister added.

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