Karnataka Govt asks IT companies to ‘continue Work From Home till 2022’ to avoid traffic mess

The Karnataka government said it would be difficult to manage traffic if IT companies allow employees to resume work from offices, and hence the advisory.

Unable to handle India’s biggest traffic jams and simultaneous construction works, Karnataka’s BJP government has called upon all IT parks located along the Outer Ring Road (ORR) stretch in Bengaluru to extend the ongoing Work From Home (WFH) period up to December 2022.

If that is not possible, the government has asked them to stagger the working hours for those coming to office.


However, the state government added that it would be difficult to manage traffic if IT companies allow employees to resume work from offices.

Additional Chief Secretary, Urban Development, Rakesh Singh said that the public need to bear with some inconvenience due to the work. “We will do our best to mitigate it by completing our projects before the deadline.”

Karnataka government added that it had provided measures like implementing Bus Priority Lanes (BPL) and safe cycle lanes as an alternate option for the mobility of people working or passing through ORR.

“In addition to these measures to promote mass transit and cycling as an alternate option to commute on ORR, it would be greatly beneficial if the IT companies especially located in ORR, would extend the work from home option for most of the employees till December 2022, and/or the IT parks/companies may be advised to stagger the working hours for those employees working physically at the office,” it said in a letter.


Responding to the communication, Outer Ring Road Companies Association consultant Krishna Kumar Gowda said, “Our understanding is that the government is going to issue a revised statement following questions they have received on the advisory. We are waiting for the revised statement and will respond to that.”  

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