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Inside Out 2 achieves second-highest ever domestic opening weekend for animated film

This also became the first film since "Barbie" to surpass the $100 million mark in its opening days

Pixar Animation Studios has set the records high once again with the much-anticipated release of the animated film “Inside Out 2,” setting the stage for a massive return to form. The animated film sequel, directed by Pete Docter, had the second-biggest opening of all time for an animated film in history with a huge $155 million debut weekend in North America alone; it was just behind the animated film “Incredibles 2” from 2018, which opened at $182 million.

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According to Comscore, “Inside Out 2” not only clinched the title for the biggest domestic opening of 2024 but also became the first film since “Barbie” to surpass the $100 million mark in its opening days. Its global impact was equally impressive, raking in $140.0 million internationally, reaching $295.0 million worldwide. This remarkable performance not only removed “Inside Out 2” to the forefront of animated releases but also marked the best-ever opening for any animated film.

“Inside Out 2” Joins the Ranks of Top Animated Film Debuts

For Pixar, this success is a much-needed success following a challenging period due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The studio’s pivot to digital releases, starting with “Onward” in 2020 and subsequent titles like “Soul,” “Luca,” and “Turning Red,” released exclusively on Disney+, reflected a turbulent era. Although “Lightyear” in 2022 garnered $226 million globally, it was “Elemental” that truly reignited Pixar’s box office presence, amassing nearly $500 million worldwide and reclaiming the ttle of Pixar’s biggest original animated hit since “Coco” in 2017.

Looking forward, Pixar’s future releases include “Elio” slated for 2025 and “Toy Story 5” expected in 2026. Pixar President Jim Morris has outlined plans to ramp up production, aiming for three releases every two years with a heightened focus on beloved franchises like “The Incredibles” and “Finding Nemo.” With “Inside Out 2.”

Critically, “Inside Out 2” has given rise to a range of reactions. While some praised it for its innovative portrayal of complex emotions, particularly associated with adolescence, some critics have shown a departure from Pixar’s hallmark emotional depth. Comparisons to recent hits like “Luca” and “Turning Red” highlights the sequel’s challenge in meeting Pixar’s own standards for touching storytelling.

Despite these critiques, the box office dominance of “Inside Out 2” shows its appeal to audiences worldwide. The film’s success not only brings back Pixar’s reputation as a powerhouse in animated filmmaking but also provides a promising future for the studio’s creative endeavours moving forward. For Pixar, “Inside Out 2” marks an important moment of resurgence and affirmation, signalling a bright future.

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