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Meghalaya government to include QR codes in textbooks from next academic session

According to Sangma, students may scan the QR codes on textbooks to be taken to an application where they can see a video explaining the chapter to them.

Rakkam A. Sangma, the head of the National People’s Party (NPP) and the cabinet minister for Meghalaya, declared that the Meghalaya government is going to start a new project in which all textbooks would have QR codes starting in the upcoming school year.

By giving students quick access to extra information, QR codes have been added to textbooks, especially in the areas of science, math, English, and social studies. This is intended to improve student learning.

According to Sangma, students may scan the codes on textbooks to be taken to an application where they can see a video explaining the chapter to them.

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In addition, he stated that the program will benefit students at both the village and state levels, emphasizing that it will be especially helpful to those in rural areas where there are few decent possibilities and affordable tuition options.

The video content within the QR code will be unique to the syllabus that the students have been assigned. Additionally, according to Sangma, the QR codes would try to answer inquiries on UPSC, IIT, and JEE.

Taking to the microblogging site X, the National People’s Party hailed the initiative. The party wrote, “Under the leadership of our CM Conrad K Sangma, Education Minister Rakkam Sangma announced a new initiative: QR codes in every textbook for the next academic session. This step will enhance students’ learning by providing easy access to additional resources.”

Benefits of QR Codes in Education

“By scanning QR codes with mobile devices, students can access educational apps featuring video lessons and solved question papers, thereby reducing the time spent searching for study materials and enabling greater focus on learning,” he said.

Director of the Directorate of Educational Research and Training (DERT), R Manner, emphasised the benefits of QR codes embedded in specific textbooks, noting their potential to significantly aid students seeking self-improvement in particular subjects.

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