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Maharashtra schools to end assigning homework for students, implementation soon

School education minister said 'quality of education to be refined so that there's no need of homework.'

Teaching at schools should be of such quality that there would be no need to assign homework to children, Maharashtra School Education Minister Deepak Kesarkar said on Friday.

Kesarkar said the proposal was in its initial stages and he would hold discussions with teachers associations and all stake-holders to draft a final plan on the implementation of such an order as children must not be “overburdened”, he said, talking to reporters.

Kesarkar stressed the need to improve the quality of teaching to a level that there is no need to assign homework, “Homework should not be an escape for teachers. It is important that teachers teach effectively in less time with more knowledge so that it is not necessary to give homework to children to be done at home,” he added.

He said instead of giving homework and burdining students, teachers should take the responsibility of students learning. However some of the teachers have expressed their disagreement with the minister stating that a complete ban on homework is not advisable and can be harmful for children.

Last month Kesarkar had said that the education department was thinking of adding blank pages to text books for taking down notes, so that children do not need to carry separate notebooks which make their school bags heavy.

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