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No heaven for ‘good non-muslim’ like Ravish Kumar: Zakir Naik

Zakir Naik about Ravish Kumar compressed 2
Ravish Kumar (left) and Zakir Naik (right)

On a YouTube video uploaded on June 27, radical Islamist Zakir Naik was seen interacting with his followers and taking various questions from them to explain certain Islamic concepts.

In the video titled, “Dr Zakir Naik on the fate of Ravish Kumar who stands for Muslims & Righteous Non-Muslims”, he explained how Ravish Kumar and other ‘good non-Muslims’ did not deserve the Muslim heaven or ‘Jannah’ after their death as they are still non-Muslims who are doing the crime of ‘Shirk’, meaning idolatry.

Explaining the rationale behind the concept, Naik elaborated how there is a hierarchy within the ‘Jannah’ (the paradise garden) and all those Muslims who go to ‘Jannah’ will not be on the same level. Similarly, the hell has different levels too.

Naik concludes that if people like Ravish perform good deeds, they may receive earthly rewards like fame and praise in this world, but once they die, they will end up only in hell As the gates of heaven are closed for them.

Naik then says that he invites such people to accept Islam. “Let me give hidayath to these good non-Muslims so that they come to the fold of Islam..”

Meanwhile, as per the latest updates in the Delhi violence case, Delhi Police’s Special Cell investigation revealed that Khalid Saifi, who was arrested in connection with the riots, met Naik in Malaysia. Saifi is allegedly one of the facilitators of the Delhi Riots and close friends with Umar Khalid and Tahir Hussain.

The details of Khalid Saifi’s passport have established that he traveled to several foreign countries to meet people including Zakir Naik, to raise funds for the riots.

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