Recently gone viral Delhi rape case turns out to be FALSE: Woman made up story & put fake allegations for 52 lakh land

Police clarifies all the arrested men were innocent.

What was being claimed to be a Nirbhaya like case where 5 men gangraped a woman for two days and then dumped her on road with a rod inside her has turned out to be False as per UP Police.

A brutal gangrape case was reported on 18th October in Delhi NCR after a woman was found lying on road with her hands and legs tied on Ashram Road in the Jurisdiction of Nandgram Police Station Ghaziabad

The woman was immediately rescued by the police and taken for medical examination.

Soon after, DCW Chief Swati Maliwal tweeted about the case and sent a notice to Ghaziabad Police demanding strictest action against the culprits. She claimed that the woman was found with a rod inside her and bleeding profusely and was now fighting for her life in the Hospital

Ghaziabad Police had soon put a public notice out that the accused were apprehended while Investigation was going on. However, they clarified that the woman initially named only 2 people and later changed it to 5. She also denied to get medically examined at the hospital in Jurisdiction and instead wanted to be admitted at GTB Hospital. It was revealed that all the 5 accused were known to her and there was an ongoing property dispute between them

A special investigation team was formed under the leadership of IPS officer Dr. Diksha Sharma that investigated the case minutely.

hey found that the woman and her friend Azaads mobile locations were at the same spot from where she was recovered. Their phones had got switched off during the same time on 16th October also when she was reported missing. Azaad had bought a new sim card on the same day before the incident. Police revealed that the woman switched her phone on and off during the two days at different locations to create evidence.

Apparently, money was paid to some media person by Azaad to sensationalize the story and make it look like another Nirbhaya case. The woman was picked and dumped by Azaad along with his two friends Gaurav and Afzal who were also part of the conspiracy. Gaurav’s car that was used to commit this crime has also been recovered.

They’ve confessed to the crime and detailed the plan which was made to grab the 53 Lac worth house over which 5 accused and this woman had been fighting since long. They had thought they would take possession of the property once these men are jailed under gangrape charges.

Azaad, Gaurav and Afzal have been arrested by the Police. IG Police Praveen Kumar has shared that the woman will also be arrested once she’s discharged from the hospital.

Since the revelation by police there have been demands on Micro blogging site twitter for an apology by the DCW Chief Swati Maliwal for spreading misinformation regarding the case and for deletion of her tweets

All the men arrested in the case earlier on false charges will likely be released soon from Jail as they’ve been given clean chit by the police

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