Delhi’s civil defence personnel Sabiya was murdered not raped reveals autopsy report

An alleged rape case has been going viral on social media claiming that no justice has been given to victim, however the main accused (her husband Nizamuddin) has already been arrested by Delhi Police.

The brutal murder of a Delhi civil defence volunteer, Sabiya Saifi, is being claimed as a rape case by popular instagram accounts due to which it went viral and netizens have been demanding justice on the victims’s behalf however as per media and Police reports, there is no angle of rape.

Nizamuddin, the alleged husband of Sabiya whom she married at a Delhi’s Saket court on June 11th murdered her on the night of 27th August in anger over her alleged relations with other men and later surrendered at a Faridabad Police station on 28th.

However the family claims that she wasn’t married and demanded a CBI probe claiming she was raped but Delhi Police citing the autopsy report which was done before the case even got the limelight suggested that no rape took place and they are verifying all the details including the marriage certificates of Sabiya and her husband.

Netizens demanding justice for the victim have also claimed that the media is not reporting the case as the victim is a Muslim however the reality is that the case is not of rape as per doctors and post-mortem.

On Friday, DCP, NIT, Faridabad, Dr Anshu Singla said, “There is no mention of sexual assault in the post-mortem report. The body was not mutilated. Several injuries had been inflicted on the body with a sharp object and there were several stab wounds.”

The accused, Nizamuddin (25), who is also a civil defence volunteer claimed that the two married without the family’s consent which is why the two have been living separately but work together. On August 27, he took her on his bike and slashed her neck, chest, and head at a spot near Palli Road near Surajkund before dragging her body into the underbrush.

In the FIR, the victim’s father said the accused was only known to him as an acquaintance, who had helped his daughter in getting a job.

The Delhi Police and Haryana Police are reportedly working together on the case to investigate if more people were involved in the case although they clearly have ruled out the rape of the victim.

The reason why mainstream media is not highlighting this case is due to the uncertainty of the lack of any evidence provided by the victim’s family that claims it is a rape case because the medical records show otherwise.

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