Chhattisgarh man plants bomb in home theatre and gifts it to ex-girlfriend on her wedding, the blast kills her husband

Accused Sarju Markam also had a wife, but hated that his former girlfriend had moved on, so he hatched the plan.

An estranged lover’s ‘revenge plan in a deadly home theatre’ killed a newly-married man and his brother, while seriously injuring five others. The incident took place at Chamari village in Chhattisgarh’s Kawardha district.

Chhattisgarh Police solved the case and arrested former lover of a newly married woman for allegedly planting a bomb in the electronic device with an intention to kill the couple, an official said on Wednesday.


According to Kabirdham additional superintendent of police, Manisha Thakur, a man, identified as one Sarju, was angry with his ex-girlfriend for getting married. Hence, he gifted her the home theatre system with explosives planted inside.

Officials said that when the victim, identified as 32-year-old Hemendra Meravi, was unwrapping the gifts a day after his wedding, he noticed that a “nameless present” box had a home theatre inside.

“As soon as Meravi tried to connect the music system to an electronic socket and switched it on, an explosion occurred, killing him on the spot,” ASP Thakur said.

She said that Meravi’s brother who was also present there also suffered burns and died during treatment. The injured people were rushed to a nearby hospital and are under treatment.


On March 30, a day before the wedding, Sarju called up the woman and tried to dissuade her from getting married. “You are getting married but you will never be happy,” he told her, according to the police.

He then called Hemendra to threaten him. “They had an altercation. Hemendra also had a talk with his fiance and the issue was settled,” said Superintendent of Police Lal Umed Singh.

Shortly after the calls, Sarju hatched the revenge plot. He told the police that since he had dabbled in electronic repair work as well, and knew a bit about explosives from a previous stint at a stone crushing unit, he decided to assemble the wedding gift bomb.

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