A doctor sodomised by a senior in Bhavnagar

Following allegations that a senior resident doctor had forced an undergraduate student to sodomy, there was indignation at the government medical institution in Bhavnagar. The incident was confirmed by the dean, and an investigation is ongoing.

Bhavnagar: The dean of the Government Medical College of Bhavnagar has appointed a committee to investigate claims that a resident physician exposed an undergraduate student to sodomy. An undergraduate student reportedly had unnatural intercourse with a senior resident doctor, according to reports. The event, which happened on the evening of May 12, was verified by college dean HB Mehta, who also announced the formation of an investigative committee to look into the allegation. The committee has also been given a directive by the dean to find out whether there are any further victims.

According to reports, the victim, who was residing in the dorm for undergraduate students, was summoned to the postgraduate dorm, where the senior resident coerced him into the sexual act. After learning about the occurrence late at night, the dean promptly sent the victim for a checkup. The dean also applied to the Nilambaug police station later, early on May 13.

The police spoke with the victim, his father, and the local sarpanch, but they declined to file a case and asked for more time to think about it, according to PD Parmar, the inspector of the Nilambaug police station. The victim was once more asked to come forward and file an FIR when the police received the dean’s plea later, on May 13, but their attempts were futile.

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