A 2-month-old girl was killed by her mother in a microwave because she was upset over gender

The initial investigation suggests that the baby's mother wanted a son and was devastated by her birth.

A two-month-old girl was found dead inside a microwave in the Chirag Dilli area of south Delhi on Monday.

Benita Mary Jaiker, Deputy Commissioner of Police (South), said they got the information regarding the passing of the child at around 3.15 pm and all potential points are being inspected. An instance of homicide has been enrolled against obscure people, she added.

“The infant’s parents, Gulshan Kaushik and Dimple Kaushik, are being interrogated at the police station and further investigation is underway, Ms Jaiker said.

A senior police official said the initial investigation suggests that the baby’s mother, who is the main suspect in the case, was upset over the birth of a girl child.

“Ananya was born in January this year and Ms Kaushik had been upset since then. She even fought with her husband over the issue,” sources told the press.

The couple also has a four-year-old son.

A neighbour, who informed the police about the newborn child’s demise, said that Ms Kaushik had locked herself inside the house after which her mother-in-law raised a caution. “We broke the glass and went into the room. We observed the lady lying oblivious inside with her child, however, two-month-old child Ananya was missing,” he said.

Ananya’s grandma and a few neighbours then, at that point, looked all around the house and tracked down the newborn child inside a microwave. The oven was put in a room on the second floor of the house.

At the hour of the occurrence, the child’s father was at the departmental store which he runs close by, police said.

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