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PM Modi’s overconfidence is the reason behind India’s disastrous COVID surge claim foreign media: It is a ‘fact’

A lot of criticism has been drawn by Indian government over the past few days for their COVID handling especially the top leaders who were literally absent when the country needed them.

No matter how much the government defends itself stating that foreign media and journalists are trying to defame India and BJP over the pandemic situation, they are publishing nothing but truth.

The overconfidence of PM Narendra Modi thinking that India’s COVID situation has improved and that all activities can be restarted without any protocols is where it all went wrong.

The Schools and Colleges commenced offline, the offices began, festivals & functions and all types of gatherings were given permission without thinking of any repercussions of what it may result in. Not to forget the rallies that crossed attendance of millions of people in poll-bound states.

If only India handled the 2nd wave like it did the first, the country would not have been in such a crisis where people are dying without beds in hospital and without oxygen.

This was a foreseen scenario, the experts had already warned that every outbreak sees a devastating Second wave but the behaviour of government seemed like they had forgotten there was even a pandemic in February this year, just because it was concentrated in Maharashtra and Kerala.

Yes, the fault is of the state government because centre did send them ‘written’ notices that warned them of worsening situation but it was the Central government’s job to make sure these protocols were followed.

Acting like a civil servant ‘Babu’ who just does things on paper and doesn’t care about implementation is what the government did and now foul crying about media defaming them.

It is the ground reality, it is what the common people who are saying not the media. But sure the government might be thinking people will forget this till the time of 2024 elections.

There is still time for BJP to clear this mess they created. It is not the system’s fault because they run the system, it is theirs and they need to accept and improve.

Otherwise if the current situation continues, the government will have no way to stop and nothing will stay hidden from the public like the reported cases and deaths thatare being undermined these days everywhere.

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