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Over 55% of India has already been infected by Coronavirus

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Although India is in a way better situation in terms of COVID handling but there are some some interesting facts that are coming out after tests across the country, which even show that the herd community is why India hasn’t seen a ‘third wave’.

Delhi’s fifth serosurvey, the largest in the country so far, was conducted from January 15 to January 23.

As per this fifth coronavirus serosurvey, 56.13 % of Delhi’s population has developed antibodies against Covid-19, Health Minister Satyendar Jain said on Tuesday

More than half of New Delhi’s 20 million inhabitants may have been infected with the coronavirus, according to the same.

Similarly, In a sero-prevalence survey conducted between October 5 and 10 at five locations in Mumbai, the tests showed that over 75% of the urban population tested positive for Covid antibodies while in the case of Pune, it was over 83%!

In case of Bengaluru, the last sero survey showed that approximately 46% of the population had COVID positive antibodies in them and a 33% in Chennai.

Some latest studies also suggested pockets of India have attained herd immunity through natural infection.

Thyrocare Technologies Ltd, one of India’s top-three diagnostic chains, told Reuters antibody tests it had done on MORE THAN 700,000 people showed that 55% of the country’s population may have already been infected.

On 28th January, Health Minister Harsh Vardhan said,”India has successfully contained the pandemic, 146 of India’s 718 districts have had no new cases for a week and 18 districts for two weeks and India has flattened its COVID-19 graph.”

India has so far reported 10.7 million infections and 153,847 deaths – one of the world’s lowest fatality rates from the disease.

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