Lack of food and basic medicines causes outcry amongst Shanghai residents as Covid cases continue to rise

People are on the brink of starvation after the government imposed a strict lockdown in the financial hub of China.

While the world is getting back to normal China is facing its biggest outbreak of the Covid-19 virus since its discovery in 2019. Shanghai, the commercial capital of China is witnessing serious heat and was sent into a strict lockdown almost 3 weeks back, however, the inhumane measures employed have done little to curb the rising cases as the city reported more than 25,000 cases in a single day recently.

What the lockdown has certainly achieved in the 25 million residents’ city is people living under house arrest who have very limited resources at their disposal which includes even the lack of basic amenities such as food, water and medicines. Off late scary visuals and videos of locals have been circling across social media platforms in which they can be seen screaming from their windows and balconies demanding basic supplies and a chance to go for regular treatments.


The trend which started with a few people trying to raise their voices, soon turned out to be a phenomenon with everyone screaming from their windows as a sign of protest. The Chinese authorities in their response sent a drone that announced, “Please comply with Covid restrictions. Control your soul’s desire for freedom. Do not open window or sing.”

Jared Nelson, a lawyer, tweeted, “Day 22 of my Shanghai Covid Lockdown. As we feared yesterday, we have new restrictions. Before we were allowed to leave our building (but not community) to get deliveries – no more; now we are not allowed out of our apartment door.” The one-party government in its bid to follow the “Dynamic zero-covid” policy has promoted mass testing and has tested all 25 million people of Shanghai six times since 3rd April.

Seeing the totalitarian rules implemented in Shanghai where brutal reports such as that of pets being separated from owners who were tested positive and sent to be killed have come to the notice, residents of other Chinese cities have started prepping up to face a lockdown of this nature. A lot of guides have also come up on social media recommending stocking up on essentials like dried foods, rice and pasta other than the routine equipment and toiletries.

According to a Reuters report, with the recent developments, Residential units have been classified into three risk categories and restrictions are being eased for those in areas without positive cases. People in areas classified as “precautionary zones” will be able to move about and certain essential businesses in these areas will be allowed to reopen, with limitations on the number of customers.


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