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India starts World’s Largest Vaccination Drive, Billions to get vaccinated

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Beginning the end of Pandemic, India is set to start its Phase 1 of the Vaccination program in which 30 million health workers will be vaccinated for free.

Further in this drive, India will also be manufacturing almost 2 billion vaccines for the citizens of the country as well as other countries including Australia, Japan, Brazil, Indonesia, Singapore, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Nepal, Vietnam, UK, US, South Korea, Philippines, Afghanistan, Maldives, Mauritius, Bhutan, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, Morocco and more.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi virtually inaugurated the launch of this drive at 3006 sites where free vaccines will be provided to the frontline and healthcare workers of India.

Amid all the global clamor for coronavirus vaccines, PM Narendra Modi on Saturday had reiterated the role India intends to play in order to “save humanity” by providing doses of the two Indian-manufactured vaccines that have been cleared for emergency use, Covishield and Covaxin, to the rest of the world.

After manufacturing of more vaccines, the next phase priority will be given to 27 crore citizens over the age of 50 years and so on. The drive could go on for a couple of years.


Till date, India has had 1,05,35,548 confirmed cases of Coronavirus, and over 1.51 lakh people have died due to the deadly virus.

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