Indians fight against privatisation but Private Sector is the only reason why we have survived this pandemic to date

From Vaccine to Oxygen to ventilators & even hospitals, each and every part of our fight against the pandemic has been made possible due to private sector; not just India but the entire world.

A part of our Indian society wants to ‘boycott privatization’ but something they forget is that their existence in modern times is impossible without it.

You need oxygen, you go to Onyx Air products, it is a private company. You need a medicine/vaccine for any disease, you go the Serum institute, it is a private company. You need to go to a hospital, you go to Apollo, it is a private hospital.

These were just examples of the current scenario since we all can relate how it is important for privatisation to walk hand in hand with the government, hence making our lives easier.

Everyone prefers Private hospitals over Government, Private cellular networks over government’s BSNL, Private schools over government BUT government jobs instead of private but have we wondered why?

The people working in the government sector have no tension of losing jobs, they can linger on their work for decades and not care about repercussions but the private sector is owned by a person who cares about reputation, they make people work, and not ruin the image of the company.

Be it Tata contributing millions for Indian healthcare or Ambani building hospitals and providing oxygen or Adani ports transporting medical supplies from across the world along with hundreds of other examples it is clear that even if we dont want privatisation, we still need it.

An impractical ideology that considers another person’s property ‘ours’ is not the one we can live our life with as it will only ruin the situation of hardworking people and give rise to a lazy lethargic population that does not want to work at all.

India is on a road to development and there’s a long way to go. No government can make India ‘world-class’ without actually taking the help of private sector. The protestors, however, need a reason to protest, they even protest against private sector while using social media on a private sim card, using a topnotch mobile as if all of that is owned by government.

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