Fire haircut gone wrong; entire head of man catches fire in Gujarat

When the barber lit the matchstick after spraying chemicals on the man's hair, the entire head caught fire instead of just the hair; the incident was caught on camera.

Fire haircut is the new rage among fashionistas and influencers, the technique is said to get rid of your split ends and dry hair, making for a perfect haircut. A flammable powder or liquid is sprayed on the customer’s head and then lighted using a matchstick, while the customer’s hair is still ablaze, the savvy stylist then uses a comb to style the locks into shape. This all happens without the customer feeling even a little bit of a burning sensation.

This seemingly safe style of haircut turned out to be a nightmare for a man in Vapi town of Valsad district, as he suffered burn injuries when he tried this new style of haircut. The mishap happened on Wednesday and the 18th-year-old youth is currently being treated for burn injuries.


Vapi Town police station Assistant Sub Inspector Mayuriben told IANS that Valsad hospital informed the police station that Arif Shah, a resident of Vapi, was brought to the government hospital for burn injuries. According to primary information, after the barber sprayed the powder and lit the matchstick for the cut, the youth’s entire head including neck, face, and chest caught fire instead of just hair.

The video clip of the incident went viral on social media. The victim’s friend was recording the video so that the fire cut video could be posted on Instagram. Investigating officer Karamsinh Makwana said a process was underway to take the statements of the victim and the hairdresser. “We are trying to get the statement of the victim. He was admitted to the Civil Hospital in Valsad. We have learned that from there he was taken to a hospital in Surat,” Makwana said.

An investigation is underway to determine what kind of spray was used for the cut. The victim has suffered severe burn injuries on his upper body.


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