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75,000 Diya’s lit in the form & shape of Akhand Bharat

Young volunteers in Kharghar collected 75,000 diyas from approximately 1500 families to create a map of Akhand Bharat.

Deepotsaav has been celebrated grandly in Ayodhya ever since the double-engine government of Modi-Yogi popularly called the upyogi sarkar took charge of the state of affairs of UP and indic-centric heritage has seen a renewed renaissance since the Ayodhya judgment in favor of the Ram Mandir.

Inspired by this cultural renaissance, young volunteers from Kharghar, Navi Mumbai decided to have their Deepotsaav by collecting around 75,000 Diyas from about 1000 families. The Diyas was lit in the form of undivided India-Akhand Bharat by approximately 1500 people at Ramseth Thakur School grounds.


Head of the volunteer group ( Diya for Unity ) Aditya Kamle said, ” Last time too we did organize a Deepotsaav but of just 15,000 diyas in the form of Ram Mandir, this time the number was increased to 75,000 to mark India’s 75th year of Independence – Azaadi Ka Amrut Mahotsav. Volunteers started the preparation 20 days in advance going from house to house to collect diya, oil, and a cotton wick. “

navi mumbai replica of ram mandir ayodhya made using 15000 clay diya on the occasion of diwali
Diya for Unity 2021

Local BJP MLA from Panvel Prashant Thakur graced and inaugrated the Deepotsaav.

Drone video of the event:


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